British habits: How many times would YOU wear a top before washing it? Habits REVEALED


Britons’s washing habits have been revealed in a recent study, and the results are quite shocking.

The study found that Britain as a nation carries out over 10 billion clothes washes annually, and in response to that called on Britons to spill their own dirty laundry when it came to washing.

The research was commissioned by Day2 dry wash, the world’s first dry shampoo for clothes.

Day2 is looking to change the way Britons wash their clothes and discourage over washing.

According to the research almost a half (44 percent) of the UK call the t-shirt their favourite item of clothing.

Surprisingly, one in six Britons (16 percent) admit to actually buying a new garment rather than washing one after wearing it.

In Wales, 60 percent of people admitted they wash a t-shirt after wearing it once.

This was a huge contrast to the South West, where people admitted to happily wearing a t-shirt up to six times before putting in in the machine.

Nationwide, the average person typically wears a t-shirt only twice before washing it, but the younger generation are leading the way when it comes to saving water.

According to the research, near a quarter (24 percent) of 18-24 year olds put just one load of washing on a week.

This was significantly lower than the average for people over 55, with 20 percent putting on three washes a week.

In more intriguing statistics, it turns out that Britain put on an average of 10 billion washes annually.

This equates to more than 103 million hours of ironing a year.

The study was conducted n 2,000 people by Dry2, who hopes the lower the amount of washing Britons do with its dry shampoo product.

The product was created as a “solution to the over washing crisis”, after finding that a whopping 40 per cent of the clothes in the washing machine are not actually dirty.

The study also explored why the t-shirt is the UK’s favourite item of clothing, with 33 percent of people saying t-shirts hold lots of important memories for them.

A further 36 percent said they feel said they they have to get rid of one that has been given to them by a loved one.

Another one in three Brits (34 percent) still wear their favourite t-shirts even when they have holes in or are damaged.

A spokesperson at Day2 commented: “Day2 is helping to banish that throwaway attitude to clothes that’s being fuelled by the rise of fast fashion, encouraging consumers to re-wear, wash less and show their clothes some love.

“…We were surprised to find that one in six Brits will actually go out and buy a new t-shirt because it’s easier than washing one they already own!”

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