Meghan Markle Kate Middleton feud news: ‘Very few moments of friendship’ in body language


Meghan Markle, 36, and Kate Middleton, 36, were reported to have had a “ghastly row” last Christmas after Kate attempted to explain Royal rules and etiquette to Meghan – with the Duchess of Sussex complaining to her husband that she felt she had been “told off”, the Mail on Sunday reported. Separate reports cited a close friend of William’s who claimed he raised doubts about Meghan, much to Harry’s disdain. In public, however, the foursome have presented a united front, appearing at events together and seemingly getting along well. But body language expert Judi James has looked over pictures of the group over the past year, and said Meghan and Kate have shown “very few moments of actual friendship”.

Judi looked at images of the group at the Royal Foundation Forum in February. Speaking to, she said: “It is probably a minor miracle that the two women get on as well as they do.

“It was clear from the first moment we saw the charity team of three take to the stage as a team of four that this probably wasn’t going to work.

“Asked if there had been conflict during their planning stages the answer was an immediate and spontaneous ‘yes’ with Meghan smiling knowingly at Harry before William rose to his feet to emphasise the fact that the charity was Kate’s idea and project.”

Judi continued: “Meghan integrated well with her body language, mirroring Kate on stage but as soon as she spoke quickly and passionately it was quite easy to see that a minor whirlwind had hit the group and that she was probably a ‘mover’ to Kate’s more ‘status quo’ approach.”

While Judi claims there are “no obvious signals from the women’s body language to suggest any form of tension”, she also fails to spot “very few moments of actual friendship either”.

But, she added: “Wouldn’t that be natural in any family when a new sister-in-law comes in and upsets the established group formation?”

Judi also noticed some subtle ways Kate has attempted to differentiate herself from her new relative over the course of the year.

She explained: “Kate has made some rather telling changes since Meghan arrived, one being her new styling of a chic 40s’ or 50’s look.

“This does seem to suggest a desire to assert her her own individual and traditionalist style that has echoes of the Queen’s look at her age and it is in contrast to the slightly less formal and more contemporary looks worn by the Duchess of Sussex.

“I believe it in some way sets out her stall as a traditionalist to Meghan’s more campaigning profile.”

Finally, Judi revealed the differences between Meghan and Harry’s approach, and Kate and William’s.

She said: “Meghan’s style of change is far more elegant, intelligent, modern and worthy but it might not be William and Kate’s more traditional way of doing things and it could be this that has created a breaking up of the team rather than any actual tension between the two women.

“Kate earned her role as powerhouse and hub of the royal family by following tradition rather than instigating change.

“Like everyone else she could have expected Harry’s choice of bride to be someone younger and shyer or less confident and I’m sure she was prepared to take the newbie under her wing and show her the ropes as she took a very similar route as Kate herself.

“Instead she met a woman her own age, a very glamorous, strong, confident and eloquent Hollywood star with some very passionate ideas on how she wants to change the world. Meghan is a mover and shaker, a feminist and a campaigner with an ability to speak up and to speak powerfully and inspirationally.”

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